my nEWEst adventure: 3 Sheeps

Very exciting news.

I recently joined the team at 3 Sheeps Brewing Co, a small brewery from Sheboygan Wisconsin (actually the only brewery in Sheboygan, WI!).

I’ll be working as a brewery rep, visiting area and suburban liquor stores to give tastings and promote our beer.

Therefore, I would like to take the next few paragraphs to shamelessly plug 3 Sheeps story, history and beer


Born from the barrels of Grant Pauly’s basement homebrewing kit, 3 Sheeps began in 2012 as a tiny operation chugging out 2,200 barrels per year.

At the time Grant worked for his family’s concrete business while homebrewing on the side. His wife had gifted him a homebrewing kit while they were still in college and Grant’s passion had malted into a dream.

Grant had a choice to make–stay in his family business or venture out on his own…

Grant choose to brew.

Now, at 3 Sheeps we consider our beer One Off of Normal. We take standard styles of beer and tweak them a little bit. Or we add unique and interesting ingredients to our brews.

RebelKent-v2Take for example Rebel Kent, the First.

A Belgian-Style amber ale, RK uses rye malt–which adds an earhty, spicy character–that Grant combines with a Belgian yeast for a sweeter almost banana bread profile. At 5% I like to start tasters with this brew to introduce them to our style while prepping their palate for the next sip.

Baaad Boy WheatBadd-Boy

Considered a black wheat ale this bad boy tweaks the traditional wheat style. BB uses a grain called Midnight Wheat, which has no husk and requires no roasting. Black in color the malt permeates chocolaty,roasted notes through the head of the brew, finishing extremely clean and smooth. The unique dark color of the un-roasted malt translates into a dark coffee colored beer that pours dark but tastes refreshingly light. For that reason I like to call this brew a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

WaterSlidesReally Cool Waterslides is our flagship style IPA. As inspiration to brew out on his own Grant turned to one of his favorite shirts with a little figurine on it staring up at two signs–one pointed to fame, fortune, excess…the other to really cool water slides. I love RCW’s easy sippability. With 3 different types of hops–Zythos, Cascade, and Columbus–added 3 different times during the 90 boil plus dryhoping the bejeebers out of it you’d think this IPA would lay on your tongue with a thick, bitter tones and aromas. Surprisingly the hop flavor persists through the head of the beer, but the back cleans up the palate leaving your mouth fresh and laboring for another sip.

While RCW is a great place to start in our IPA profile I recommend Happy Summer, a West Coast style bomber from our limited-edition, small-batch series: Nimble Lips, Nimble Tongue.

HappySummer-main-smallIf you’re from the Midwest you know that our summers don’t last long. So with this beer we pack as much of summer as we can into 22oz. Happy Summer bursts with tropical tones–passionfruit, grapefruit, mango–courtesy of the 3 varieties of West coast hops–Simcoe, Centennial, and Columbus. At 7%ABV it’s the perfect sipper to pop out on the deck with a couple of friends and grilled fish tacos.

Other items in our seasonal portfolio include: Hello My Name is Joe, an imperial black wheat all brewed with 20 lbs of Colectivo coffee, Ewephoria, a ginger chocolate stout, and First Kiss, an imperial IPA brewed with local Wisconsin honey.

nimble-lips-hoedownWhile they all excite and innovate my favorite experimental brew so far comes from NLNT. It’s called Hoedown.

Cherries, chipotle peppers, and ancho chili peppers…pepper the backbone of this imperial dark wheat ale. Using that same midnight wheat base as Baaad Boy, immediate chocolate and roasty, toasty notes blend into a sweet tartness from the cherries and mellow into a back of the throat smoky burn from the chilies.

It’s only been 1 month, but I’ve already logged over 350 miles in a trusty Volkswagen Tiguan venturing out to sample 3 Sheeps beers in specialty craft beer stores all over Illinois. Stay turned for more as I flock to wherever the bleat the 3 Sheeps herd grazes!


And, yes, for those grammar nerds out there I know that 3 Sheeps is grammatically incorrect. The name comes from the old sailing term 3 sheets to the wind, which essentially means that someone has over-imbibed. A sheet is actually a rope in nautical speak. When 3 ropes come untied on a sailing ship it causes the boat haphazardly toss about in the wind much like a drunkard. Sheep are commonplace in Wisconsin, so 3 Sheeps seemed like an appropriate name. 3 Sheeps likes to play with their words, which is maybe why I like the brewery so much!


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