From the Fridge: Brewery Vivant Farm Hand

A series where I trying to drink my way through a fridge full of beer. Currently three-fourths of my shelves have been overtaken with 6-packs and 22 ouncers. I need room for my groceries! I’ll pick a new beer each week and give it a taste. I’ll provide the specs and review my choice based on how many “miles” I think it can go. The more miles…the better the beer. Brews can range from simple 5k (3.2 Mile) beers to more advanced 10k (6.2 Miles). And if I find a marathon (26.2 Mile) beer…well, I’ll pledge to run my own marathon. I’m thirsty. Let’s drink and see how many miles these beers from my fridge can log!

This Week:

Brewery Vivant Farm Hand

Purchased at: Target

Size: 16oz can

ABV: 5.5%%

Style: Saison

“Miles” (aka Rate): 6.2 a 10K!

This is a summer sipper. Pouring a hazy sandy gold, you can actually see the bubbles fizzing their way up the glass. Immediate smell of peaches and honey. The first long pull is like letting out a deep breath after a long day of work. Malty, slightly sweet honey–kind of like a Quad Cities pizza crust–finishes with a bit of biscuit bite. I also find very crisp white grape notes. This refreshing beer lazily kicks you in the back of the tongue like its flopping down on the couch and throwing off its dirt stained shoes. You want to drink Farm Hand at the end of a long hard day. It’s perfect for a Friday afternoon.






Photo Courtsey of: My Beer Buzz


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