From the Fridge: Breakside Brewery

A series where I trying to drink my way through a fridge full of beer. Currently three-fourths of my shelves have been overtaken with 6-packs and 22 ouncers. I need room for my groceries! I’ll pick a new beer each week and give it a taste. I’ll provide the specs and review my choice based on how many “miles” I think it can go. The more miles…the better the beer. Brews can range from simple 5k (3.2 Mile) beers to more advanced 10k (6.2 Miles). And if I find a marathon (26.2 Mile) beer…well, I’ll pledge to run my own marathon. I’m thirsty. Let’s drink and see how many miles these beers from my fridge can log!

This Week:

Breakside Salted Caramel Stout

Purchased at: Portland Airport

Size: 22oz bottle

ABV: 6.7%

Style: Stout

“Miles” (aka Rate): 6.2…that’s a 10k beer!

Pours a very deep, dark brown, bordering on black. Made in collaboration with Salt & Straw the iconic ice cream shop in Portland known for it’s unique flavors this beer doesn’t disappoint in its unique flavors. Smell a little like burnt coffee, but as soon as you take a sip the salt hits you. These are like those big crystals of salt you find on the outside of a soft pretzel. The saltiness balances nicely with the flavors of milk and lactose. It was like eating a slightly salty smore. As the beer warms up huge pieces of toasted waffle cone lend the brew that malty, nutty bite. You’ve got, chocolaty, nutty, salty…what’s not to like. This is a perfect dessert beer.



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