From the Fridge: Gilgamesh

A series where I trying to drink my way through a fridge full of beer. Currently three-fourths of my shelves have been overtaken with 6-packs and 22 ouncers. I need room for my groceries! I’ll pick a new beer each week and give it a taste. I’ll provide the specs and review my choice based on how many “miles” I think it can go. The more miles…the better the beer. Brews can range from simple 5k (3.2 Mile) beers to more advanced 10k (6.2 Miles). And if I find a marathon (26.2 Mile) beer…well, I’ll pledge to run my own marathon. I’m thirsty. Let’s drink and see how many miles these beers from my fridge can log!

This Week:

Gilgamesh Mamba

Purchased at: Portland Airport

Size: 22oz bottle

ABV: 6%

Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable

“Miles” (aka Rate): 3.0

Pours a almost translucent metallic burnt gold. Brewed with black tea and tangerine peel you can detect right from the get go. It has that herbal, citrusy quality that a Lipton tea bag might smell like. The taste heads straight to tangy. As my girlfriend said, “It really kicks you in the cheek!” A face full of fresh orange zest follows with zips of lime. The first fruit-focused layers blend into more starchy, earthy hints of wild rice and the dregs of tea leaves.

Also, Interesting Fact Alert: no hops were used in the making of this beer.



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