From the Fridge

Have you seen my refrigerator lately? Beer lines 3/4th of the shelves. No joke here is what’s in my fridge right now: I’ve got a six pack of Fuel Café Coffee Stout from Lakefront Brewery, fruits of a Whole Foods shopping trip–Solemn Oath Man vs Internet Belgo-American Double Red Ale and Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale, Picks from the $8.99 craft beer sale section at Target that I just could not avoid when I walked in (I mean a 4 pack of Ommegang Rare Vos, Brewery Vivant Farmhouse tallboys, and a 6-pack of 21st Ammedment To Hell or High Watermelon for $8.99 each), I have a variety pack from New Glarus courtesy of my trip to Madison now almost 2 months ago, birthday beers from my coworkers–Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose (oh man I forgot I still have some Anderson Valley Winter Solstice in the back corner from the winter)–and Duchesse De Bourgogne!! and lastly four bottles of beer accrued in the Portland airport to remind me of the beervana I shortly had to leave.

In order to avoid the “cellaring” death spiral  I often fall into I’ve created a new series I’m calling From the Fridge. Each week I’ll showcase a different beer from inside the chilly halls of my icebox. Not only will this force me to drink the beer, but it will give me a chance to really think about, focus, and write on the flavors of one beer at a time.

the fridge 2

Beer overflowing the middle two shelves of my fridge….


the fridge

…And spilling over into the door! I mean I feel like I’m on a version of Craft Beer Cribs.

Here’s the deal: I’ll pick a new beer each week and give it a taste. I’ll provide the specs and review my choice based on how many “miles” I think it can go. The more miles…the better the beer. Brews can range from simple 5k (3.2 Mile) beers to more advanced 10k (6.2 Miles). And if I find a marathon (26.2 Mile) beer…well, I’ll pledge to run my own marathon. I’m thirsty. Let’s drink and see how many miles these beers from my fridge can log!

Oy vey enough babble. I best get too it.

Solemn Oath Man vs Internet Belgo-American Double Red Ale

Purchased at: Whole Foods Lincoln Park

Size: 22oz bottle

ABV: 9%

Style: Belgian Strong Ale

“Miles” (aka Rate): 3.2

Pour out of the bottle. Dark almost pink peppercorn red with a pretty hefty, foamy head. Immediate aromas of burnt sugar and toasted nuts. Taste follows up on the toasted notes, but surprisingly finishes with a light touch. Malt, caramel and hints of Irish whiskey. I also get some ginger snaps or those Nilla wafers you ate as a kid in preschool. Darkly sweet and biscuity, but finishes with a floral flourish.

solemn oath


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